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Advanced Demand Response Solutions Based on Fine-grained Load Control

Rim Kaddah, Daniel Kofman, Michal Pioro

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems (IEEE). Oct. 2014.
DOI: 10.1109/IWIES.2014.6957044

Abstract: We consider demand response solutions having the capability to monitor different variables at users’ premises, like presence and temperature, and to control individual appliances. We focus on the optimal control of the appliances during time periods where the available capacity is not enough to satisfy the demand generated by houses operating freely. We propose an approach to define the utility of appliances as a function of monitored variables, as well as control schemes to optimize this utility. Global optimums can be reached when a centralized entity (i.e., an aggregator) can gather information from each user and control each individual appliance. This may not be always possible, for example for privacy and/or scalability reasons. We therefore consider, in addition, a system where decisions are taken partially at a centralized site (global power allocation per home) and partially at customer premises (sharing of the allocated power among local appliances). Performances of proposed control mechanisms are evaluated and compared. We show the potential value of introducing demand response mechanisms at fine granularity.